Microsoft SOA Solution

Yesterday, I went to Microsoft Windows Azure home page, I found it is very interesting and fantastic. Microsoft bring you a platform for cloud computing. I decided to continue studying Windows Azure more. I think Windows Azure provides a platform for cloud computing and our services are available in Internet. Everyone can purchase those services and reduce a lot of cost (like we purchase electricity, water…, these services come popular, so their cost is getting cheaper). But I was considering much about the Internet scope of this platform. If I want to use Windows Azure to deploy a SOA solution in our intranet, how can I do it? By chance, I opened my google reader and read a new article in MSDN Magazine Service Virtualization With The Managed Services Engine. Microsoft has been also providing another SOA Infrastructure offerings and a technical solution referred to as the Managed Services Engine (MSE). I think now we can use MSE for deploying a SOA solution in Intranet and use Windows Azure for deploying a in-the-cloud solution in Internet. I don’t know whether it is correct, but I will continue studying it.


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